Scenes from 2016 TOKYO Show

Opening Ribbon-cutting Ceremony
49 executives of FPD/Material Manufacturers commemorated the grand opening.

Opening Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

List of Ribbon-cutting Ceremony Dignitaries

Increased 351 exhibitors from previous show. 1,350 exhibitors gathered under one roof!


At a Booth
Active business discussions were held at each booth.

At a Booth At a Booth At a Booth At a Booth At a Booth At a Booth

List of Exhibitors
Exhibitor Directory

Technical Conference
Over 1,000 VIPs attended "FINETECH JAPAN Keynote Session".


Sungchul Kim
Display Research Center,
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Zhaohong Zhang
CEO of Display Business Group,
BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Hiroyuki Ohshima
Chief Technology Officer,
Japan Display Inc.

(Honorifics omitted)
Entire Technical Conference Program

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