The world’s leading! comprehensive exhibitions of high-performance materials, laser technology, and electronic displays.​

Welcome to Highly-Functional Material Week, Photonix, and FINETECH JAPAN!​

These advanced functional materials, photonics, and display exhibitions offer attendees an exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in the latest breakthroughs and innovations in materials science and technology. ​

Highly-Functional Material Week is the world's largest exhibition showcasing cutting-edge material technologies such as functional films, plastics, cellulose, carbon fiber composites, metals, and ceramics. ​

In addition to materials, processing machines, inspection, measurement and analysis equipment, and more will be on display. ​

Photonix is ​​a comprehensive exhibition of optical and laser-related technologies, consisting of three specialised categories: “Laser Processing,” “Optical Components/Materials,” and “Optical Measurement / Analysis.​

FINETECH JAPAN is the world's leading display exhibition, exhibiting everything from electronic displays (liquid crystals, organic EL, quantum dots, and micro LEDs) to their manufacturing equipment, materials, and processing technologies.​

Held Twice a Year!


Dates: Oct. 29 (Tue) - 31 (Thu), 2024

Venue: Makuhari Messe, Japan


Dates: May 14 (Wed) - 16 (Fri), 2025

Venue: INTEX Osaka, Japan

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ーHighly-functional Material Week ー

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