Highly-functional Material Week - Tokyo Show
Oct. 29 - 31, 2024
Makuhari Messe, Japan

Tokyo Show


Dates: Oct. 29 (Tue) - 31 (Thu), 2024

Venue: Makuhari Messe, Japan


The world’s leading! comprehensive exhibitions of high-performance materials, laser technology, and electronic displays.​

Welcome to Highly-Functional Material Week TOKYO, Photonix, and FINETECH JAPAN!​

Attendees can explore groundbreaking developments, engage with leading experts, and gain insights into the future of materials technology, photonics, and displays. This event is an exceptional opportunity to connect, learn, and stay ahead in the world of advanced materials and technology. ​

Highly-Functional Material Week TOKYO is the ultimate gathering for individuals interested in cutting-edge developments in advanced materials, displays, lasers, and photonics. This three-day exhibition and conference is the global hub to discover trends and innovations in films, plastics, metals, ceramics, adhesion & bonding, paint & coating, and sustainable materials.​

Photonix is ​​a comprehensive exhibition of optical and laser-related technologies, consisting of three specialised categories: “Laser Processing,” “Optical Components/Materials,” and “Optical Measurement / Analysis.​

FINETECH JAPAN is the world's leading display exhibition, exhibiting everything from electronic displays (liquid crystals, organic EL, quantum dots, and micro LEDs) to their manufacturing equipment, materials, and processing technologies.​


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Highly-functional Material Week/Photonix/FINTECH JAPAN